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Frequently asked questions regarding additional features.
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  • Can I view the fiat value of my tokens in other currencies?
    Yes. In your Keplr Extension click on the top left menu > [Settings] > [Currency] > and select the currency you want to display as the unit of measure.
  • What languages are supported by Keplr?
    At this time [English] and [한ęĩ­ė–´(Korean)] for the browser extension, and English only for Keplr Web.
  • Will Keplr add support for my favorite project?
    Feel free to let us know at if you’d like to see any new chain supported on Keplr explaining why do you think that this particular project is highly valuable.
  • I would like to integrate Keplr support for my blockchain front end, how should I do it?
    Please follow the instructions made available here.
  • Does Keplr have a mobile wallet?
    Yes! Official links are here:
  • Does Keplr have a browser extension for Firefox?
    Not yet - Firefox support is on the roadmap sometime after both Android and iOS apps launch. Currently we support only Chrome (and unofficially Brave & Edge).
    ℹī¸ Unofficial browser extensions may have missing features.
  • I wish Keplr had some additional features. Can I make a suggestion?
    Yes, please do. You can leave us a chat or email us something more long-form at Also, check out our roadmap updates on Medium to see if some of your suggestions on already on the docket. 

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