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Installation Guide for Keplr Browser Extension

Learn how to install Keplr wallet to your Chrome browser and set up your account.
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Updated 4 months ago
Please note: Currently, only the Keplr Chrome extension installation is fully supported. 

How to Install Keplr via Chrome Extension:

  1. Go to Keplr's extenson download for Chrome and click [Add to Chrome].
    ⚠️Only download Keplr extension from the official Chrome web link.⚠️
  2. Then, in following window pop-up, select [Add extension] and it will be automatically added to your Chrome browser. 

  3. Once the extension is added, you may need to select the puzzle icon on the top right of your Chrome browser and then select the Keplr pin to have the Keplr icon link be visible in your browser bar.


  4. Once Keplr is visible, right click on Keplr and select "Manage extension," and then next to "Site access," make sure "On all sites" is selected. 
  5. Next, you'll need to create an account to access the wallet's features. Click on the link below to create a Keplr account.

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