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The top things to know before installing Keplr Wallet.
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Hi there. You somehow found your way into the Cosmos Ecosystem and have discovered Keplr Wallet - welcome! Web3 tools are powerful and offer unique features compared to the traditional digital tools you might be used to. Reviewing this guide is a major first step in understanding Keplr Wallet and how to use it safely. 

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1. Keplr wallet is a non-custodial digital wallet.

This means that the moment you install your Keplr wallet, the ownership and full responsibility is yours. The team does not store any of your wallet information - it is stored locally, and securely, on your device. Which leads to...

2. Always secure your seed phrase or private key.

You should think of your seed phrase or private key as the master key to your account. It is powerful. Write it down somewhere safe and where only you can find it. Scammers will do anything to get a hold of these and steal your funds. Stay alert, and steer clear of anyone asking for account access - including folks posing as a Keplr agent. The Keplr team will never ask for your seed phrase, and it is not required to help troubleshoot. Once your account has been compromised, there's no going back.đŸ˜ĸ

ℹī¸ Bookmark these official Keplr channels (and report fake links):

- Website: https://keplr.app
- Help desk: https://help.keplr.app
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/keplrwallet

3. Each Keplr account sign-up type opens a different account.

Depending on the device, Keplr wallet offers several ways to sign up for an account: Google login, Apple login, seed phrase, Ledger, or importing an existing account. Each of these methods will open a different account, so once you choose one, remember the method and keep the login info handy (and safe!) in order to access the same account.

If you sign up with another account, no problem - Keplr will continue to add any additional accounts to the interface, and you can manage them by clicking on the 'profile' icon. 

4. A seed phrase account can integrate with other wallets.

Your seed phrase, but not private key, can be used to integrate with other Cosmos SDK based wallets, and also with wallets like Meta Mask. This can come in handy later when you start to expand to other networks. 

5. You can sync accounts across devices by selecting "Importing an existing account."

Let's say you download Keplr extension and you want to sync with Keplr mobile - not a problem! When you are signing into the second device, make sure you choose "Import existing account" and follow the signup steps. Not selecting "Import existing account" will open up a new account. 

FYI, there is an option to import via QR code on mobile, but this option is not available for accounts secured via Ledger hardware device.

6. Wallet accounts are permanent. 

Once a Keplr account is created, it is on chain forever. There is no option to delete, edit, or switch accounts once its published on chain. (More reason to keep your account safe!)

7.  Keplr includes permissionlessly added chains.

A unique feature of Keplr Wallet is that anyone can add their chain through Keplr's "Suggest Chain" feature without permission from the Keplr team. This is to foster a more decentralized, open environment for the growth of the ecosystem. 

An important point to note is that the Keplr connection with permissionlessly added chains are maintained by the chain's managing team and not by Keplr.  Any troubleshooting requests should be directed to that respective chain's team. 

8. Keplr is an IBC-enabled wallet. 

IBC (or Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol) is a unique feature of the Cosmos ecosystem which allows blockchains to communicate with each other. Networks outside of Cosmos (like some central exchanges) may not support IBC. When making any transfer outside of the Cosmos SDK network, make sure the transfer is supported or you could lose your funds.

9. Keplr Wallet's success takes a village. 

In essence, Keplr is simply an interface that acts as a gateway to verify activities across networks. Behind clicking "Approve," there is an interconnected web of players outside of the Keplr team that make your transactions possible: the teams behind the blockchains, validators, node managers, relayers, community managers... 

The more your learn about these other contributions, the more you'll understand how in a decentralized network, everyone's participation counts. This is one of the reasons why we're proud to be Cosmonauts. âš›ī¸


We hope this quick guide helps you better understand the unique features behind Keplr Wallet. There's more to learn, so feel free to browse the help guides and FAQs to keep exploring. 

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