How to Cast Your Vote

This tutorial will show you how to participate in governance by casting votes.
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  1. First, open the Keplr App Home Page, and under Dashboard, select [Governance] from the available options on the leftside menu bar.

  2. On the governance page, you will find all the information about current and past on-chain proposals. Proposals for which you can vote are marked with the blue tag [Voting Period].

Casting Your Vote

After consulting all the information and getting a better idea of the general position of the community through the graph that you can find at the top, it is now time to vote.

  1. Click on the blue [Vote] button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Now select in the drop-down menu what is your choice.
    For this example, I will select [Abstain].
  3. In the window that opened, select the Fee you want to pay between [Low] [Average] and [High]. If necessary, write down in the [Memo] field what this operation was for. When you are satisfied, click [Set Fee].
  4. In the final summary, you will be able to verify that all information is correct.
    To finalize the operation click on [Approve].
  5. And that's it! You've officially participated in on-chain governance. 

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