How to Send Tokens

This tutorial will show you how to send token from your Keplr wallet to another address.
Written by Keplr Agent
Updated 1 week ago
  1. Now let’s try sending tokens. Login to your Keplr extension. Once you have clicked on [Send], you will see multiple fields:
    Recipient: The address you want to send your ATOMs.
    Amount: The number of ATOMs you want to send with this transaction
    Balance: This displays the funds at your disposition
    Memo (Optional): As you know, transaction to/from exchanges most of the time requires a specific memo. Please check carefully if this is your case. If not, you can leave it blank.
    Fee: You can choose between [Low], [Average] and [High].
    Only a few validators admit low fee transactions, so that might translate to a longer waiting time to have the process done.

  2. When all fields are accurately entered, it’s time to select [Send].

  3. A summary screen will now appear. If all the information are correct, click [Approve] to complete the operation.

  4. You can easily check the status of your transaction via explorer. The transaction was successfully sent.

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