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How to Stake or Delegate

Learn how to stake your assets, secure the network, and earn rewards with this quick guide.
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As part of the Cosmos ecosystem, participation within the network is easy and full of incentives. If you hold Cosmos-SDK based assets and want to see the community continue to grow, then staking or delegating your assets is a great way to secure the network, while earning rewards at the same time. 

For quick background, chains within the Cosmos network depend on a set of validators to process transactions. There is a max number of validators allowed to participate, so validators are incentivized to be proactive throughout the network in order to earn the community's delegations. Active validators are determined by the amount of assets that are staked or delegated to them. 

(In this guide we will use Agoric as an example, but any natively integrated chain can be substituted.)

How to View Validators

  1. From your Keplr Wallet extension, select Agoric Chain, and then click on Stake.  This will take you to the Keplr Web Dashboard: https://wallet.keplr.app/
    (NOTE: You will need to have BLD in order to select Stake from Agoric chain; otherwise, open another network with funds and select Stake from there, or use the link.)
  2. Within the dashboard, on the left menu bar, select Agoric and then Stake
  3. You will see a tab of Active and Inactive validators. Click on Manage next to a validator to access their information. Feel free to browse these and learn more about their contributions. 

If you choose to delegate to a validator, you will share a portion of their rewards. Keep in mind, when you delegate to a validator, your assets are staked or "locked" within the network for a certain period of time. This could be anywhere from 14 to 28 days, depending on the network. This cannot be adjusted and is in place for added security.

We highly recommend you research the various validators and get to know how they have participated in the community to offer some assurance that your funds are purposeful.

How to Stake or Delegate on a Validator

  1. Within the Stake page on Keplr Web App, select Manage next to a validator of your choice, then click on Delegate.
  2. Read the warning, enter in the amount you wish to delegate, and select Delegate.
    (Note: You'll need to delegate a minimum of 1 asset.)
  3. Keplr wallet will pop up and request permission to process the event. Select the amount of fees you wish to pay, and if everything looks good, then Approve
  4. When you return to the dashboard, you should see your validator(s) at the top of the page. You can also review them on the Dashboard page: https://wallet.keplr.app/#/dashboard 

To learn more about staking and rewards, go to https://help.keplr.app/faq/re-staking.

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