💡 Found a bug? Try this first.

Experiencing a disruption or bug? Try these troubleshooting steps first.
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Updated 3 months ago
First, please check that your Keplr wallet version is the latest release. 

Many minor disruptions are cause by network congestion (which just requires your patience) or disconnects between layers of technologies. In most of these cases, reinstalling Keplr wallet has been a quick fix. Try the following guide before contacting the team for further support. 

Troubleshooting the disruption(s):

⚠️ Before getting started, make sure to prepare to enter your seed phrase or login credentials. Without this, your account could be lost. ⚠️
  1. Uninstall your Keplr extension from your Chrome browser options.
  2. Clear the cache.
  3. Re-Install Keplr extension (from one of the official links).
  4. Check to have all the permissions enabled.
  5. If possible, connect to a VPN to ensure a fresh connection.

Click here for a full step-by-step reinstallation tutorial.

⚠️ NOTE: Keplr does not officially support extensions on Brave Browser, so if you are having issues with Brave, please switch to Chrome.

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