Keplr Wallet's performance can be affected by various factors including browser updates, web interfaces, and interactions with other extensions. These factors can also impact its connection to Keplr Dashboard. If you're experiencing issues, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve them.

Try the possible fixes below.

1. Clear Advanced Cache Cookies.
Clearing the Advanced Cache cookies can resolve some issues. Access chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and make sure to clear the cache.

Clearing the Advanced Cache Cookies

2. Enable Developer Mode.
Turn on the Developer mode in Chrome extensions. Go to chrome://extensions and toggle the Developer mode switch.

Enable Developer Mode

3. Check Keplr Version.
Confirm that you are using the latest version of Keplr Wallet. To update, follow the guide provided here.

4. Disable Other Extensions.
Temporarily turn off (not delete!) other browser extensions like Bitget, Metamask, etc., while using Keplr Wallet & Dashboard. This helps to eliminate conflicts between extensions.

Disable Other Extensions

5. Use Chrome Browser and Ensure It's Updated to the Latest Version.
Keplr Extension and Dashboard are most optimized for the Chrome browser. If you are experiencing issues while using other browsers, please switch to Chrome when using Keplr products and ensure it is up to date. Navigate to chrome://settings/help to verify and update if necessary.

Use Chrome Browser and Ensure It's Updated to the Latest Version

  • Close Additional Tabs.
    Close all other tabs in your Chrome browser while using Keplr Wallet. Sometimes, pop-ups can be hidden or covered by other live pages/windows.
  • Restart Your PC.
    If the issue persists, restart your computer and check Keplr Wallet again. This can help resolve any underlying system-related problems.
  • Reinstall Keplr Wallet.
    If none of the previous steps could resolve your issue, you can also try reinstalling Keplr Wallet. Please refer to this guide for how to reboot.

Additional Tips

  • Browser Compatibility.
    Keplr is optimized for Chrome. While it may work on other browsers, using Chrome is recommended for the best experience.
  • Contact Support.
    If the issue persists after following these steps, reach out to our HelpDesk chat agent for further assistance. (Click on the chat icon in the bottom right.) Remember that we do not operate any Twitter support accounts. Please contact us via our official HelpDesk.