Reporting a Scam

Identifying Phishing Scams

Keplr is a non-custodial wallet, meaning the moment you’ve created an account, the sole management of the account belongs to you; however, this doesn’t stop us from doing what we can to prevent fraud and help the community be aware of compromising situations. 

First, always prioritize the safety of your private key and/or seed phrase. These are your account master keys… and the prime target for phishing attacks. 

Here are some examples of scenarios that are vulnerable for wallet holders:

  1. Giving away seed phrase via fraudulent website or fraudulent profile
  2. Recording a seed phrase on a publicly viewable space  
  3. Leaving a device with a wallet unattended
  4. Connecting with a phishing site to receive an airdrop or NFT

As scammers get more sophisticated, it’s important to stay vigilant against any phishing schemes or attacks by guarding your account. 

Reporting Scams

We’ve partnered with to take preventive measures as a community to report fraudulent activity.

Websites that have been flagged as suspicious by Keplr, will trigger the following warning: 

Keplr Wallet Scam alert
Scam alert
♥ We appreciate the community support to help us keep the Interchain safe.