Claim your Rewards & Redelegate

Don’t forget to [Claim] your rewards from time to time and to use the new [Undelegate] & [Redelegate] features to manage your $ATOM with the maximum flexibility!

Claim your staking rewards right in Keplr browser Extension
Claiming rewards using Keplr browser Extension
  1. Click on [Claim] to reclaim all your pending staking rewards.
  2. Click on [Re-Delegate] to change your validator. You can do this immediately the first time, then you must wait 21 days before re-delegating again.
  3. Choose [Undelegate] to remove your ATOM from staking. During the *21 days of unbonding you will not be able to manage your tokens or gain staking rewards. Once you start the unbounding you can’t interrupt it. *Unbonding period might vary from chain to chain
Claiming rewards using Keplr Dashboard
Claiming rewards using Keplr Dashboard

Please note that to successfully complete the operations mentioned above, you must have in your [Available Balance] enough ATOM to cover the transaction fee, so pay attention to always keep a minimum of funds not staked (0.1 ATOM is enough). Keep in mind that if you re-delegate to another validator, delegate more ATOM to the same validator or start the unbonding, all your pending rewards will be automatically claimed & added to your available balance.