Through voting, it is possible to upgrade a chain, fund a team with tokens from the Community Pool, launch new tokens, and much more. This tutorial will show you how you can participate in governance and cast your vote(s).

Governance on Keplr Dashboard

  1. First, open Keplr Dashboard and click on the 'Active Proposals' tab from the Home page.
Governance on Keplr Dashboard
  1. From the 'Active Proposals' tab, you'll find information about current on-chain proposals, including turnout and/or voting data, if available.

Casting Your Vote

After consulting the information and getting a better idea of the position you'd like to take, it's now time to vote.

  1. From the proposal module of your choice, click on the [Vote] button.
Keplr Dashboard proposal page
  1. Select your choice from the dropdown menu and click [Confirm].
  2. Your Keplr wallet will open a window for you to sign the transaction. Select the fee you agree to pay and when you are satisfied, click [Approve].
  1. If the pop-up notification has confirmed the transaction, you've submitted your vote!