Step 1: Access Keplr Extension Settings

  1. Open Keplr Extension on your browser.
  2. Navigate to the Sidebar Menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines icon, located at the top left corner of the extension window.
  3. Open Settings by clicking on the “Settings” option from the sidebar menu. This will take you to the settings area where you can configure various aspects of Keplr Extension.

Step 2: Navigate to Endpoint Settings

  1. In the Settings menu, select “Advanced”.
  2. Click on “Change Endpoints” to proceed to the endpoint configuration section. This is where you can manage RPC and LCD endpoints for different blockchain networks.

Step 3: Select a Network

  1. Choose the blockchain network for which you want to change the endpoints. This can be done from a dropdown menu labeled with the network names.
  2. For this example, select “Cosmos” from the dropdown list. Ensure you are selecting the correct network to avoid any unintended issues.

Step 4: Enter Endpoint URLs

  1. Input the RPC endpoint URL into the RPC field. Ensuring that the URL is accurate and corresponds to an RPC endpoint is crucial.
  2. Enter the LCD endpoint URL into the LCD field. Verify that the URL is correct and specifically intended for an LCD endpoint.

<div  class="warning info"> Keep these in Mind. <br /> The default endpoints provided by Keplr Infra are optimized for performance and quality. Changing these to external providers might result in unexpected issues or data fetching failures. If you encounter problems after changing the endpoints, contact the endpoint providers directly for support. They are responsible for addressing any issues related to their endpoints. </div>

Step 5: Reset to Default Endpoints

  • If needed, you can reset the endpoints back to Keplr Infra’s defaults by clicking on the “Reset” button. This can help quickly resolve issues arising from endpoint changes.

By following these steps, you can successfully change the RPC and LCD endpoints in the Keplr Extension. Always proceed with caution and consult with endpoint providers if you face any difficulties.