<div class="warning ">NOTICE: IBC transfer is a feature still under active development. Due to the possibility of expired clients, Keplr users are recommended to approach IBC transfers carefully and keep updated with the latest channels.</div>

Every hub has a different channel ID, and depending on which relayers are active, this number could change. Double check the channel IDs by checking Mintscan and following the tutorial below.

This example uses Cosmos Hub as the Sending chain and Iris Hub has the Receiving chain to go with our IBC transfer tutorial here, but the directions are the same for any combination of transfers.  

Checking for the IBC Channel IDs:

  1. Go to Mintscan Relayers
  2. At the top navigation, select the Sending chain, or in this example, [Cosmos Hub]. Then underneath, click on [IBC Relayers].
  1. Next, under [IBC RELAYERS], select your Receiving Chain, or in this example, [IRIS].
  2. Once you've opened the selection, you'll see IRIS channels listed by color. Select the first channel active in green and take note of the channel numbers. In this example, the dedicated Cosmos channel to Iris Hub is 182.
IRIS network IBC Relayers
  1. This is the number you will input when adding Iris Hub as the destination, like so:
  1. After completing the transaction, you can check on a block scanner after some time to confirm.