Keplr Mobile is now available for free by visiting your phone's application store. Mobile users will also get the opportunity to try out Keplr Mobile's exclusive features such as Ledger Nano X bluetooth connectivity and WalletConnect.

This tutorial will show you how to import an existing account.

Install Keplr Mobile for iOS or Android

  1. Download the Keplr Mobile app for free at your device's application store
Download Keplr wallet mobile app IOS and Android
  1. In your Keplr mobile app, click on [Import existing wallet].
Import an existing wallet to you Keplr mobile App
  1. From here, you should see 3 options to import an account:
  • Sign in with a synced Google account.
  • Import your Keplr extension via QR code.
  • Import from an existing mnemonic seed phrase.

Sign in with your synced Google account.

  1. Click on [Sign in with Google] and then allow the app to connect with your Google account(s).
  2. Next, you'll need to select which Google account to sync with your Keplr wallet. Keep in mind, the Keplr team does not keep record of this, so you'll need to remember which account you link.
  3. To finish sign up with Google login, create a wallet nickname and choose a password. Click [Next] and you're done!
Sign in with your synced Google account

Import from Keplr Extension

  1. Tap on [Import from Keplr Extension] and you'll notice the directions for the Keplr desktop extension.
  2. Tap on [Next] go to the QR code camera.
  3. Then open your Keplr wallet desktop extension.
  4. Click on [Settings] and then [Link Keplr Mobile].
  5. You'll need to input your password and click [Confirm].
Import from Keplr Extension
  1. Scan the QR code with your mobile device and you're all done!
Scan the QR code to import you existing Keplr Wallet

Import existing wallet [via mnemonic phrase]

  1. Tap on [Import existing wallet].
  2. Copy and paste your secret seed phrase, input an account name, and choose a password.
  3. Tap on [Next] and you're all set!
Import existing wallet via mnemonic phrase