Before you report an error, try resetting Keplr. Also make sure that your Keplr wallet is the latest release and update as needed. If the problem still persists, it's time to report the issue so the team can review the backend.

  1. Staying on the page of the disruption, you can right-click and select "Inspect."
    (Or, alternatively, you can click on "More Tools" and then "Developer tools" in your Chrome browser menu.)
  2. Select the ‘Network’ tab.
Reporting a Network error
  1. Try the action that doesn’t work (e.g., staking, claiming, etc.) and go back to the 'Network' page. You should see some categories turn red, signifying an error.
  2. Excluding ’txs' and 'inflation' categories, please take a screenshot of the tabs that are red - the 'status' page would be the most helpful, like below, but any other red categories are helpful, too:
  1. Once you have your screenshot(s) ready, send us a direct chat message using the chat widget. Give us a detailed recount of your issue, any screenshots of error messages, and attach the shots of the inspection as well, like above.

We appreciate the support and will do what we can to get things back to normal.