Before Getting Started

Keplr's 'suggest chain' feature allows front-ends to request adding Cosmos-SDK based blockchains that aren't natively integrated to Keplr wallet. This allows all Cosmos-SDK blockchains to have permissionless, instant wallet and transaction signing support for front-ends.

Keep in mind, this is an experimental feature, and the Keplr team does not manage 'suggest chain' integrations.

If your team is interested in 'suggest chain' integration, first confirm:

  • Chain is Cosmos-SDK based
  • Chain is not already natively integrated

Ensure your chain is compatible before moving forward.

Ready to Suggest a Chain

If the chain fulfills the two requirements above, your technical team can move forward by reviewing Keplr's documentation. Full Keplr documentation, including the Keplr API and 'suggest chain' implementation, can be found here: